Vintage Racer Group

September 7-8

Full Track

In 2004 a couple of vintage racers got together and said, “What if we started our own club” They started calling around to other racing friends and asking the same question along with “and if you did start up in a new club what would you want from it?” Well, it seems that it boiled down to three things, Safety, Safety, & Safety. It seemed that everyone felt that if you got that part right, car safety, driver safety and a safe attitude, everything else would just follow. Safety, Safety, Safety has been the mantra and with an enviable event record behind them it works. Boasting an in-house driver’s school that rivals the best pro schools around, to a cadre of some of the best technical people in the business. Sharp minds and a very active driver’s committee help all of the drivers to have a safe and enjoyable race.

To begin the weekend, Royale Racing will hold a Test and Tune event on Thursday, September 5th. VRG will also hold a Test and Tune event on Friday, September 6th before the weekend begins.

Who: Vintage Racer Group
What: Formula Ford Feature Race
When: September 7-8
Where: Full Track

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