Rise Moto

August 24

Wilson Circuit

Rise Moto began when two motorcycle enthusiasts were traveling through Europe and stumbled upon a product that came along that was like nothing they had seen in the States…the Ohvale GP-0.​

Their mission is to look for visionary companies with products, such as the Ohvale GP-0, and help bring them to the USA in an effort to grow the exhilarating sport of motorcycle racing!

The Ohvale GP-0 is the first “mini-moto” style motorcycle that provides the real life feel of a larger racing bike within a compact and affordable platform.  It allows riders access to practicing the extreme riding style required in todays professional racing championships while dramatically reducing the costs and transport inconveniences related to track riding.

Who: Rise Moto
What: Motorcycle Racing
When: August 24
Where: Wilson Circuit

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