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Pittsburgh International Race Complex is a professional motorsports facility committed to creating a fun and friendly yet competitive environment that serves the needs of our customers, community, and employees.  We strive for passion, integrity, teamwork, thoroughness, receptiveness, approach-ability, customer focus, and energy in all we do here at Pitt Race.

If this sounds like a good fit for you, find out more about the positions at Pitt Race, check out our openings, and see what our employees say about working at Pitt Race, and apply today!


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Karting staff are responsible for getting rental and practice karters out on the karting track safely and quickly. They make sure karts are fueled up and ready to go, help customers get geared up with all of the necessary safety equipment, and get customers to the karts to fulfill their need for speed!

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Corner Marshal

Corner Marshals get our customers on the big track safe by communicating with Race Control and using flags to signal to drivers throughout races and other events. They need a quick eye to spot details as cars, motorcycles, and even karts whiz by!

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Fire/Rescue is responsible for the safety of our customers on track and occasionally on the other facility surfaces. When accidents happen, Fire/Rescue staff coordinate with Race Control and EMS workers to aim for the best possible outcome.

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Retail staff greet customers and help them find whatever they are searching for in the Pitt Race Pro Shop, whether it be ice, directions around the facility, renting an electric spot, or the latest Pitt Race merchandise. Our Retail staff is always friendly and willing to help give our customers a great experience.

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Registration staff are responsible for getting karting customers registered, paid, and ready to go! They work with the Karting staff to ensure that our rental and practice customers have the best possible experience in our karting department and keep coming back for more fun!

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Gate attendants are the first friendly face to greet customers as they enter our facility! They’re responsible for getting each guest to sign the proper paperwork as they enter and learning the layout of the facility so they can guide first time guests to the appropriate place.

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Housekeeping staff keep our facility clean and fresh for customers. From vacuuming and dusting to resupplying restrooms, our housekeeping staff excels as making sure we’re the cleanest track most of our guests have ever seen!

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Maintenance staff keep the facility in tip top shape all summer. They work hard mowing and trimming all the acres of grass and keeping the outside areas spotless for customers.

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Our Mechanics are hard at work keeping all of the equipment at Pitt Race in top form. From mowers and vehicles to karts and tractors, the Mechanics keep everything running like a well-oiled machine!

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Maintain the retail store along with facility amenities and communications. This person will work closely with Operations, Accounting, and Sales while being managed by the PR / Marketing Manager and the Marketing Assistant.

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Accounting Internship

The Accounting Intern will work closely with the Accounting Director and will typically work in an office environment but may be called upon to help with additional tasks in other departments, including work outside and/or in inclement weather.

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The Safety Team Lead is responsible for ensuring that PIRC and its facilities are always presented in a secure, safe, and quality standard. This person under the direction of the Safety Supervisor and is responsible for leading Fire/Rescue staff.

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  • “Love getting to see people come from literally all over the world come and have a great time. I love asking where they come from and it’s crazy how far people travel!”


  • “Simply put, being in a position to get to help others (be it renters or participants and spectators) with a shared passion have the best experience possible when they visit our facility”


  • “Being right there – track-side – where all of the action takes place. No TV or video game gives you the thrill of a  group of motorcycles coming at you at 120 mph and you are responsible for making sure they get to the next turn safely without worrying about an obstacle ahead of them.”


  • “My favorite part of working for Pitt Race is the atmosphere. I get to meet many new people on a regular basis, they views are spectacular, and getting to be outside is my perfect cup of tea. Pitt Race offers very cool opportunities that were never available around this area before, it’s a special place. It’s an honor to be a part of the PIRC team!”


  • “The faculty. Hands down. I love every single person I work with in Karting. Doesn’t matter what mood I’m in, not only do they uplift me, but help me focus on where I am and what I’m supposed to be doing. I also enjoy watching drifting on Sundays in my spare time.”


  • “The fact that every day has something new to offer. It has made it great for learning new things and becoming comfortable in these new environments. Oh but the best part is our team is awesome!”


  • “I love the people I work with and that everything can go smooth when we work together.”


  • “The environment and people. Knowing something different is going on almost every day is exciting”