F3 and F4

June 21-23

Full Track

F4 Championship and F3 Americas travel back to Pitt Race after a successful 2018 season.

Designed to be globally recognized yet an affordable step between karting and F3, the F4 car was designed to keep costs down while providing an ideal learning tool for young drivers who have never raced cars before. The series offers more value and benefits than any other form of entry-level open-wheel racing at a low cost.

With the F4 U.S. Championship exceeding the expectations of its partners and participants, its drivers and teams were seeking a next step in their championship development. After years of discussion, development, testing and manufacturing, the F3 Americas Championship was ready for launch. The regional FIA series is the fastest way for an aspiring driver to gain experience to an international racing platform at an affordable price.

The F3 Americas Championship Powered by Honda offers young talent the opportunity to demonstrate their skills on an international platform while keeping affordability and safety as key elements of the program.

Who: SCCA Pro Formula 3 and Formula 4
What: Pro racing
When: June 21-23
Where: Full Track

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