3 Balls Racing

July 29

Full Track

3 Balls Racing is an open track group dedicated to getting people and their cars on the track. Events are open to all experience levels from beginner to wheel-to-wheel racer.  3 Balls Racing welcomes all types of cars including dedicated race cars (open wheel cars and trucks are on a per case basis and must contact the Head Ball).

These events utilize four run groups separated by driver experience and vehicle.  Beginners start in group 4.  Group 3 is for those drivers with a few events under their belt.  Both group 3 and 4 are point to pass and only in dedicated areas on the track.  Group 2 is for more experienced drivers and cars with a fair amount of track prep.  This group enjoys open passing with a point.  The most advanced group, group 1, is for expert level drivers with prepared cars.  Group 1 drivers use open passing with no point required.  A head and neck device is required to participate (drive or ride) in group 1.

Who: 3 Balls Racing
What: Track Days
When: July 29
Where: Full Track

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