Yellow Ribbon Classic – November 11

Yellow Ribbon Classic

Wilson Circuit

The third annual Yellow Ribbon Classic Enduro will be held 1-4 pm this Veterans Day!

Recruit your 3 person unit and compete for the most laps while supporting a local veteran charity and remembering those who have served.

A portion of each entry fee will go directly to the Michael J. Novosel Foundation, whose mission is to assist veterans with the challenges of transitioning from service to civilian life. Pitt Race will also be functioning as a drop point for the Hero Support Network to collect toys for children whose parents will be serving overseas during the holiday season.


  • Everyone gets open practice with timed results, then qualifying with timed results.
  • The Enduro will last 90 minutes and uses our rental karts (no privately owned karts).
  • Each team will decide when to change drivers and how long each person will drive.  All members must drive once during the Enduro race.
  • There will be one mandatory re-fueling 30 minute window. All teams must stop and refuel during this period.

Grand Prize for the winning team is a Birel/Rotax race kart Arrive & Drive session – a $300 value!

This includes a kart, instructor and safety gear, and each person on the winning team gets a 10 minute session in the kart. Arrive and Drive session will be held on a date and time to be determined (as a group).

REQUIREMENTS to participate:

  • Closed toe shoes (tennis shoes/sneakers are fine)
  • Long pants

COST:  $300 per team (maximum 20 teams!)

TIME: 1 — 4 pm

1 – 2 pm

  • 10 minute practice per driver (timed)
  • 10 minute open qualifying per driver(timed)

2:30pm-4pm pm

  • 90 minute Enduro race with 3 or 4 person teams
  • All teams must stop in mandatory refueling period
  • Each team must make a minimum of 3 stops/driver changes

To register your team, click here