Yamaha Champions Riding School

Yamaha Champion Riding School – August 20-21

Yamaha Champions Riding School will teach you to “ride like a champion.”

South Track, 7 Turns.

The Yamaha Champion Riding School follows two principles; one: how the best riders in the world ride, two: how a modern motorcycle is designed to be ridden. Each class can hold a mix of riders, from first-time beginners to MotoAmerica participants.

ChampSchool, the famed two-day training curriculum originally designed for the Freddie Spencer High Performance Riding School in the 90s, is based on what they call “Champions Habits”. “Champions Habits” are the techniques that the best riders in the world are using. If nine of the top ten rides are all doing a similar technique that is what they teach. To be a Champion, you must not only be able to go fast, but do it without falling down.

A combination of drills, lead-follow lapping, open lapping, discussions, on-track demonstrations and on-track video recording will help students meet their goals and exceed their expectations. Students will enjoy lapping in passenger vans with a pro behind the wheel so they can hear what the instructor is thinking and doing in each corner of the track. Students will be videotaped from behind on day one, then critiqued, and again on day two to see their improvements and what they still need to work on.

Yamaha Champion Riding School is on a Crusade to change how the sport is taught, and those changes will save lives and grow our industry.


Who: Yamaha Champions Riding School
What: Motorcycle Rider Education
When: August 20-21, 2018
Where: South Track


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