Tod Hillman

Meet Tod Hillman! We got to know Tod at the July 26th SCCA Track Night in America. He describes his experiences at these track nights as “low-key, but high value”. Tod enjoys the evening track time, since it works great around his work schedule.


He’s been frequenting Pitt Race for the past 10 years, so has seen us develop and grow. He explained “It gets better every year”. Tod’s favorite and (least favorite) turn on the track is turn 17/18. Favorite because it’s the one that brings the most adrenaline and least favorite because it’s the one that he analyzes the most.


Tod always takes part in our PDE events and hopes to get some more time on the track in his 2016 Corvette. Since, it’s higher horsepower than his previous cars, he says that he’s learning all over again. But as Tod describes it, he was born this way, and that his love for racing and cars has always been present.