Thank you to everyone who participated in the recent Pitt Race, snowcross event. We had an excellent turnout despite the variable conditions and we would like to host another event this season if possible. Due to the unique nature of this event we had several first time participants and number or questions. We wanted to take a moment to address a few of those questions.

Several of you asked why the event was announced with short notice. The simple answer is the unpredictable weather. Even when it snows, there is no promise that the snow will still be on the area for the event due to warmer temperatures, wind, or even rain. All of these events will likely be opened for registration only a few days prior to the event. Plowing snow onto the area is not a viable option because we do not want to damage that asphalt for the events that take place in the summer season.

In a related question, some people asked about cancelations. If Pitt Race cancels the event due to low numbers of pre-registrations or weather conditions, then we will issue you a full refund for what you paid. If you decide to cancel for any reason, you must do so through For snowcross, we will issue refunds to anyone who cancels prior to the close of online registration. If you cancel via email after registration closes, but before the event start time, we will issue a credit valid for a future low-key event. If you cancel after the start time or are a no show, there are no refunds or credits.

A few customers wanted to know if their vehicle was eligible for the event. Most cars are eligible provided they are in good mechanical condition and have no fluid leaks. Most Jeeps, trucks, SUV’s, and crossovers are NOT eligible. They present too high of a rollover risk. Any vehicle with selectable 4×4 gearing is prohibited. Tire chains, plastic grip devices (cable ties, Zip Grips, etc.), and studded tires are prohibited. If you arrive with these installed for the event you will be asked to change them before you are permitted to run. If you have any questions about your vehicle, email the registrar through or call the track and ask for Justin before you register for the event.

Due to the high number of new attendees, we had many drivers looking for rental helmets. We have a very limited number of rental helmets available on a first come first serve basis. We do not take reservations for helmets. If you plan to continue autocross or other motorsports events, we recommend that you purchase a helmet of your own. For the purposes of Snowcross, we will accept helmets with a DOT or a Snell rating. DOT helmets are not acceptable for our traditional low-key autocross and not accepted for SCCA competitive autocross. Therefore, we recommend you purchase a Snell 2015 rated helmet. We also suggest you check with any other organization you plan to participate with to verify their rules. If you register for the event, and we do not have a rental helmet available, you can either try to make arrangements with someone to trade during different sessions, or we will cancel your registration and issue a refund.

Another question we were asked was about winter tires vs. all-season tires. As we mentioned earlier, chains and studs are not permitted. The decision to use snow tires, winter tires, or all-season tires is purely your own choice. There could be deeps drifts of snow, icy areas, and even dry areas. Grip levels will be all over the map. Use what you think is best for your car and driving style.

Finally, several people wanted to know how many runs they will get. The number of drivers, mechanical delays, and changes in weather will all affect how many times you get to run the course. Consider that in an actual competitive, timed autocross you may get anywhere from four to five runs (six is a good day). For a low key event, it is not uncommon to have the opportunity to make ten or more runs. If you are late to the event, you miss the course walk, miss the drivers meeting, or miss your run group announcement we cannot allow you to attempt to make up for lost time.
This is a non-competition, no points, no trophy event. We set it up purely so people can have a different, unique, type of event during the time of year we don’t normally get to host an event. We hope to try it again if Mother Nature cooperates and the interest is there. Thanks again to all of our fans!