ChumpCar Oct. 1-2

ChumpCar is a throw-back to the era when racing was fun and cheap… when Bondo beat carbon-fiber; when home-made engineering made everyone sit up and take notice. It’s for Chumps like you that have always wanted to go road racing without all the hassles or huge rule books or obscene expense. It’s about ‘Joe Average’ and almost-race-ready cars. Register

PRKS September 4

Do you have your own race kart? Join our Pitt Race Karting Series! (PRKS) The PRKS goal is to create and maintain a safe, fun and fair racing series where all racers from novice to experienced feel welcome and feel they are treated equally and fairly. call: 724-535-1000

Chin Motorsports September 3-4

Pitt Race partners with Chin Motorsports for sports car track event: Labor Day weekend. Chin Motorsports is one of the leading providers of track events in the USA. On Labor Day weekend, the highly regarded Chin Motorsports program returns to Pitt Race for a 2-day high-performance driver education track event. Sports car enthusiasts of all kinds can participate to enjoy …

Pitt Race Test & Tune Sept. 9th

This is non-timed, non-competition track time for licensed racers, time trial drivers and approved Pitt Race PDE Group 3 drivers. Get some track time at Pitt Race! Perfect for testing that new build, scrubbing some tires, calibrating the brakes, and fine tuning your qualifying and race set ups. Call: (724) 535-1000 to schedule. Half day pricing available.

SCCA Track Night in America Sept. 12th

Each driver gets three 20-minute sessions on course, as well as feedback from on-site SCCA coaches. Participants are divided into Novice, Intermediate or Advanced groups so on-track activities remain fun for all. Novices get extra attention from the start, including help removing loose items from vehicles, paced lead-and-follow laps, and tutelage throughout. To make life easier for Intermediate and Advanced …