Pitt Race PDE – April 21

PDE (Performance Driver Education) – Learn the art of track driving in a controlled environment, and then put it to the test. Train with Pitt Race’s instructors. Learn the basics of race flags and high-performance driving through classroom instruction and driving sessions. The goal is for you to develop your skills behind the wheel as you experience a broad range of your car’s performance. If you want to be a better driver and experience the fun of driving on a race track, Pitt Race PDE is your source.

Group 1 & 2

  • Group 1 is for first time track drivers or for drivers with limited experience at other locations. If you ever wanted to learn about high performance driving, but lack the track experience, this group is for you.
  • Group 2 provides more experienced drivers the opportunity to continue learning their performance driving skills with an instructor in the vehicle.

Group 1 & 2 Registration


Group 2 Solo & 3

  • Group 2 Solo is for drivers whom have been signed off as a solo driver by Pitt Race Instructors or can provide acceptable proof of experience. Drivers have demonstrated an understanding of high-performance rules, safety, etiquette, and track regulations.
  • Group 3 is for drivers whom have been approved by our chief driving instructor or can provide acceptable proof of experience. Drivers with a valid competition license or certificate of completion from track driving school will also be permitted.

Group 2 Solo & 3 Registration