Motorcycle Xcitement

Motorcycle Xcitement – September 3

Get excited for Motorcycle Xcitement!

Full track, 19 turns.

Discover the FUN of riding your motorcycle in the safety of a closed road course. Their friendly, experienced coaches teach you lessons that can save your life! From Novice to Advanced, riders improve their skills with hours of instruction and quality track time. You start out slow and work on smooth riding techniques. Motorcycle Xcitement runs 15-minute sessions for each group from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m each track day.

Improve your cornering skills, throttle control, body position, and smooth braking techniques. Our school will prepare you for your first road race. The all-day course covers rider and motorcycle preparation, safety flags, rules, and regulations for all three of the major east coast racing organizations.

After successfully completing the classroom lessons, on track sessions, written test, and mock race, you’ll receive a graduation certificate!

Upon graduation from the school, riders can apply for a racing license with groups such as Western Eastern Road Racers Association (WERA), Championship Cup Series (CCS), and American Historic Racing Motorcycle Association (AHRMA) and compete with other motorcycle road racers!


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