Motorcycle Xcitement – April 9

Motorcycle Xcitement is a motorcycle rider’s education that takes place on our full track. 

Discover the FUN of riding your motorcycle in the safety of a closed road course, where all bikes go in the same direction, same speed in their group. Our friendly coaches teach you how to ride your motorcycle with lessons that can save your life! From Novice to Advanced, riders improve their skills with hours of instruction and quality track time. We start out slow and work on smooth riding techniques. Riders improve their skills with hours of instruction and quality track time. We run fifteen-minute sessions for each group from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m each track day.

Rider Skill Groups

There are 4 rider skill groups: Novice, Intermediate, Advanced, and Racer. It is possible that the Advanced and Racer group will be combined based on attendance. We will help to determine the appropriate group for you at Registration. Coaches work with Novice and Intermediate riders.
Novice riders meet in the Classroom (or designated area) immediately after the Rider’s Meeting. Coaches will review all signals and on-track rules before going out with the Novice riders. It is NOT recommended that you ride and coach your friend in a different rider skill group. We have Coaches that have been trained to help riders improve their on-track skills. You will have a better time riding in your group and watching your friend improve in his/her group.

Call Roger at 301-933-2599 for rental leather suits. If you have paid for rental leathers, plan to come to Registration at 7 a.m.

Register here.