Race With Us

Karting is one of the most exciting and accessible forms of racing available. There is no substitute for the speed, thrills, and close racing action that can be found in karting. One of the primary attractions of karting is that it doesn’t require a transporter, trailer, race shop, and crew full of mechanics to compete. Also, karting doesn’t require thousands of dollars, making it an excellent entry point to racing for many people. Pitt Race provides public kart rentals open to anyone!

**Attention: You must be a licensed driver to operate a motorized vehicle in the Pitt Race Paddock Area

Karting Details

These are not your ordinary go-karts. Pitt Race offers open rentals to the public on our .82 mile Wilson Circuit. A GX 270cc Honda 4-stroke Engine that makes 9.5 horsepower powers the karts. Our rental karts can reach speeds up to 45 mph. For safety reasons the driver must be able to comfortably reach both pedals. To drive an adult rental kart one must be at least 5 feet. We also have junior karts available with a height requirement of 4 feet. Our junior karts are smaller and have a top speed of 35 mph. Each session will last for 10 minutes.  Ten minutes in one of our karts is a lot! It’s a workout! Drivers must have closed toed shoes and pants or shorts (No skirts or dresses) to enter the track. All other equipment that you need will be provided. This includes the required helmet, neck brace, and jacket. Gloves are optional. 


Rental Days And Costs

Good news, Pitt Race Karting opens this Friday, March 31. We’ll be open Friday, Saturday, and Sunday through April, weather permitting, Noon-Dusk (or 8p.m. whichever comes first). We will also be open for karting practice 8am-Noon all of those days!
$22.50 per single session
$42.75 for a Two (2) Pack of sessions
$60.75 for a Three (3) Pack of sessions
Sessions are 10 minutes long
All prices include Balaklava
Restrictions: 13 years and older, between 5ft and 6.5 ft tall, Under 280 lbs.

Available by appointment only
Monday – Thursday restriction
Maximum 3 people per group
Taller than 4 ft and 10 years or older

Pitt Race Rental League

Think you have what it takes to be a competitive kart racer? Prove it!

On scheduled day’s at 5:30 p.m. sharp. Take part in Pitt Race’s own Rental League! Only $65 per race to enter. Drivers will be split into two groups based on weight to make it as fair as possible. Each group will participate in a qualifying session, pre-final and final. Starting spot is based off of lap times and position finished in the pre-final. Drivers will get a full race experience with a standing start and corner marshals out on track. Each Rental League season is 5 races. Drivers also receive the opportunity to race different track configurations throughout the season to keep things interesting. At the end of the season prizes are awarded to the top 3 drivers in each weight class. Put your karting skills to the test with our Rental League! See you Friday’s at 5:30 p.m. sharp! Call for more information.

Pitt Race Karting Series (PRKS)


From around the area? The Pitt Race Karting Series is for you! The Pitt Race Karting Series (PRKS) is an 8 race series that is held here throughout the season on our newly paved and painted Wilson Circuit. This is a safe and fun yet competitive race environment. This series consist of 7 different classes and will run a practice, qualifying, heat race format. To mix things up, we will run a reverse configuration a couple times throughout the season. The top 3 drivers of each class are awarded trophies at the end of every PRKS race. The season champions will be awarded at the end of the year banquet. The full schedule for PRKS and the rule book are included below:




Looking to make some adjustments on your kart or supermoto bike? Bring it out to our Wilson Circuit to Test & Tune your setup. Open Practice will run in 10-minute sessions and will alternate with rental kart sessions Monday thru Thursday. Friday thru Sunday 8a.m. to Noon, practice will run uninterrupted by rentals. If multiple classes are looking to practice, a rotation will be made depending on the class.

Days and Costs

Friday, Saturday, & Sunday: $30 – 8 a.m. to Noon THRU APRIL!

Group Events

Groups of colleagues and friends, Corporate Events, Bachelor Parties, Birthday Parties, and more! Rent the track for an hour as you and your group go karting. Drivers must have closed toed shoes to enter the track.

Arrive & Drive

Rental Karts not enough for you? Book an Arrive and Drive event today! Perfect for anyone who wants to get involved in karting or see what it is like to drive a race kart. Pitt Race has four different classes available, which include:

Kid Kart
$100- Kids 4 to 7 years old
$200- Kids 7 to 11 years old
Jr. L0206
$200- 12 years old and up, Under 280 lbs, between 4 ft and 6.5 ft tall
Sr. Rotax
$300- 12 years old and up, must have LO206 experience and instructor approval

**You will be able to drive one of these race prepared karts on our track and receive personal coaching from one of our karting instructors for 1 hour including 3 on track sessions. Call ahead to schedule your Arrive and Drive event.


FAQ: What if it Rains?

We still run the rental karts in the rain. The only time we do not run the karts if it is a torrential downpour or if we see lightning.
For a technical map of the Wilson Circuit click HERE.