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13th Annual ARPCA Car Control Clinic

June 16 @ 8:00 am - 4:00 pm

This is a PERFECT opportunity to learn more about you and your car in a controlled environment.  We will be using the Vehicle Dynamic Area (VDA- six plus acres of pavement) to provide an exhilarating educational experience!  The Car Control Clinic is hands-on, in-car training combined with classroom discussion of vehicle and human dynamics. Four hours of in-car instruction is scheduled for students to practice the driving exercises introduced in the classroom. The goal is to introduce students to the skills and sensations associated with controlling a motor vehicle during accident avoidance and defensive driving maneuvers.

The Clinic can teach students what typical driving schools can’t: The proper response when something unexpected happens while driving a car – and provide the opportunity to practice these exercises in a safe environment.

Drivers will use the VDA to learn and practice three key skills:

  1. Smooth steering on a Slalom course – Understand how to navigate your car smoothly through a set of cones.  Recognize where you want your car to go.  You will learn how to drive where the cones aren’t by using your eyes and throttle correctly!
  2. Threshold Braking – Learn how to control your car in an emergency braking situation.  You will understand more about your car’s capabilities and how to manage them.  Learn how to successfully maneuver around obstacles (just as if you have a deer in the headlights) while slowing your car safely.
  3. Skid-Pad Activities – Drive on a skid pad to experience your car breaking traction and learn how to regain traction in a safe environment.  Feel the balance and learn how to steer your car with the throttle.

Come enjoy the day learning about how challenging and rewarding driving can be. The Clinic is an excellent introduction to our other driving events, autocross and High Performance Drivers Education.  Apply what you’ve learned!

To learn more about these other Driving/Learning opportunities, go to our website, www.ARPCA.com and click on the DE tab.


*** Under 18 Years of Age ***:

Participants under age 18 are encouraged to attend this event. In order to participate you MUST be a licensed driver, have a relationship to a PCA member, and have a signed parental consent form.  We will send the waver upon request.