Pittsburgh International Race Complex is even more fun with groups of 20 or more. Call our group sales team at 724-535-1000 Ext. 308 or contact us now. Create lasting memories at our 12,000-sq.-ft. Event Center, overlooking our North Track. Pitt Race offers a unique environment that allows you to entertain clients, reward employees, celebrate with co-workers, or strategize off-site. Our event planners will work with you to identify activities best suited for your goals and guests’ preferences. We have experience in designing a unique on-track program ideal for team-building, while activities like Karting, Autocross, or Battlecross appeal to fierce competitors. The beauty of our events is that they require no pre-existing skill, unlike golf outings or other athletic-type events.


Pitt Race can assist you in selecting a local catering and hospitality service to provide the ideal food and beverage services for your event at our Event Center or trackside. We work with a number of experienced caterers, each offering a wide variety of menu and beverage options. Learn more at 724-535-1000 Ext. 308.

on-track activities


Rev up your group outing with real thrills in a safe environment in karts equipped with racing-inspired Birel Chassis and Honda Engines. This is your chance to experience a racing event. Our karts cannot be rivaled by any “family fun park” or indoor center. These karts can reach speeds up to 45 mph! Our team levels the playing field by grouping people of diverse skill and thrill levels into teams. A brief classroom session will start things off by introducing the attendees to racing and race-craft.


Take part in our karting team building experience and race against other teams on our karting track. Groups will compete against each other during a timed session. Whichever team completes the most laps wins! Teams can be assigned by mixing those who were clocked with faster and slower times during practice laps or can be prearranged by department or work group.


We know you’ve practiced this – now show us how good you are at driving from the backseat. Teams of three are assigned to cars on our Pitt Race Karting Track. The driver of each car is blindfolded while the other two teammates are in the back seat giving verbal directions on how to keep the car on the track. There is plenty of grass runoff room (you’ll need it!) and an instructor rides along in the passenger seat to keep everyone safe. Driving aptitude has nothing to do with getting around the course in the shortest amount of time – it’s communication skills that make the difference!


With six acres of professional pavement, the Pittsburgh International Race Complex Vehicle Dynamics Area is the ideal location for a drag racing meets autocross event event. It’s a high-energy activity that never fails to keep both participants and spectators laughing. Battlecross pits co-workers against each other in a mirrored Autocross course that starts with a drag race and continues with a challenging set of coned obstacles.


Welcome to Route Words! This game requires quick thinking, precise driving, and good spelling. Together with your team, you’ll have a few minutes each round to find words on a grid sheet, then score those words by tagging stanchions in a cone course with your cars. Score the most or the longest words within your time limit to win!


Welcome to Wheelworker! This game is about problem solving and creative thinking as a group. Together with your team, you’ll be building some cool sculptures out of giant K’nex-style tools.


Welcome to the Diecast Cup! This is a series of games and mini races that will pit one racing crew against the other. Teams will have to work well with their teammates to move their cars quickly and accurately!