Corporate Events


Believe it or not, Pitt Race is the perfect host for your next corporate event or team building activity. We can offer a unique experience for you and your employees. If you’re not already convinced to bring your company to us, here are a few reasons how corporate events can be beneficial to you.

Celebrate Successful Year of the Company

Maybe you have seen impressive growth in the company or the employees hard work. It is important to recognize your employees and success. Gather everyone together for non-work related activities as a thank you. In the fast-paced world, it may be hard to see growth as it happens. By showing appreciation to your employees, they will have a more positive attitude toward working for your company.

Positive Employee Attitudes

When your employees know how much they are appreciated, company morale is pretty high. When morale is high, production is also high. Many activities are designed to promote creative thinking between groups of people. The stronger the group, the stronger they will be back in the work setting. Positive attitudes lead to a better environment, less stress, more energy, and better problem-solving skills.


Some companies might be so large that some people only speak via email. Bringing everyone together in a different environment will provide an opportunity to network and build stronger relationships. Getting people out of their regular work environment can lead to developing not only a professional relationship but also a personal one. Having better working relationships with co-workers makes it easier to work in teams and leads to a positive environment.


Pitt Race offers a variety of corporate events that makes us stand out from the rest like Back Seat Driving, Battlecross, Go Karting, Wheel Worker, Die Cast Cup, and Route Words. For more information on these types of events or to schedule your own, please call 724-535-1000