Allen Wise

Meet Allen Wise! We got to know Allen at our July 26 SCCA Track Night in America. He enjoys these track night’s because there are not many overbearing restrictions, just a fun time on track. Allen notes that he has made many friends through Track Night and loves the camaraderie. He even gets to bond with his son through these track nights.

Allen’s interest in racing started when he was young, growing up near Mid-Ohio in Lexington, Ohio. He’s no stranger to the racing world as he has worked for wrecker service, ambulance service, and Lake Erie Communications. He continued teaching with track schools and now instructs for AutoInterests occasionally.

This was Allen’s 2nd time at Pitt Race. His favorite turn on our track is turn 1. He notes that it is important to carry speed into the straight on this part of the track. Allen drives his 1986 Corvette Grand Sport. They only made 1000 of this model and since the vin ends in 691, his license plate number is GS691. Keep on racing, Allen!