Dick Zhang

Meet Dick Zhang, the owner of a drone company and a frequent Pitt Race visitor. We got to meet him when he came out for the July 26 Track Night in America for a fun night on track. Dick said that the track is in excellent shape and slick from the new pavement. He favors turn 14 because of it’s challenging blind turn into a straight away. At a previous track night he was coming into the turn a little to hot and fishtailed into the grass.

“It was terrifying but I learned a lot from it,” Dick said.

Dick got into the car scene through a friend and coworker, who is a mechanical engineer. He had built a car in college and taught Dick how to modify a car and even how to race. The interest in cars grew and he took what he learned, and was able to buy and modify his own car into more of a race car. Between learning a lot from his friend,  he was able to take what he had learned from his near spinout last year, and modify his car. He added a harness, bar, more safety features, along with other modifications with the suspension and tires.

Dick also actively participates in the Steel Cities Solo and our Low-key Autocross events. As a frequent visitor he describes Pitt Race as an “awesome track” and enjoys the variety of events we hold at the track.