Driving At Dusk TVC

Driving at dusk and dawn can be extremely dangerous. It is important for drivers to be aware of these dangers and the necessary safety precautions. Low sunlight can cause drivers’ eyes to not adjust properly and casts shadows making it harder to see obstacles and pedestrians on the road.
Be prepared for the road ahead with our September 28th TVC Car Control Clinic from 4:00-8:00pm.  


    Total Vehicle Control’s Car Control Clinic is designed to educate drivers how to minimize panic reactions and replace them with rational car control skills. Today’s roads have faster cars, more traffic, and more distractions.
     Unpredictable situations can occur in a split second and rational, reactionary responses can help minimize and prevent accidents. The Car Control Clinic is a program that is equipped to give drivers real-world practice that can save lives.
     This course is designed to introduce drivers to situations that require learned reactionary responses. The program features, emergency braking, reaction braking, swerve to avoid, reversing, and parallel parking.This half day training session is designed for any person needing confidence behind the wheel.

$250 if you’re using your own car

$400 if you’re using one of our fleet cars.

To register for this event visit motorsportreg.