Women’s Only PDE

The Women’s Only PDE will take place on May 19. Registration for this event can be found on motorsportreg.

This special event is a Ladies Only Performance Driver Education! Join lead instructor Carol Neal for a unique track event, the opportunity to meet new friends, and to share those experiences. There are NO afternoon PDE solo sessions. This event will run from approximately 9:15am – 3pm with a 1 hour break for lunch.

Learn the art of driving fast in a safe and controlled environment. After the drivers meeting and classroom instruction, you’ll head straight to the North Track to train with a Pitt Race instructor in your own car. The goal is to apply what you learn in class to develop your skills behind the wheel as you experience the range of your car’s performance. If you want to be a better driver with techniques based on high-performance driving, a Pitt PDE is for you.

Group 1 (Novice): Drivers wanting to get their first experience on our track. If you want to learn about high performance driving, but lack track experience, this group is for you. Drivers spend their sessions with our instructors and learn the basic skills of high performance driving. This group is meant to provide a supportive and instructional, low pressure situation for any driver to learn the fundamentals of performance driving in the safest way possible. Cost: $225 per driver

Group 2 (Intermediate): If you have some track experience, have been signed off from our Group 1 or our chief instructor approved your credentials, you fit this group. Group 2 provides drivers with experience a chance to continue honing skills in your car with an instructor Cost: $225 per driver.

Mandatory Drivers Meeting begins at 9:15am. Classroom and on-track sessions begin at 10am. Groups 1 & 2 will include three sessions on track with a Pitt Race instructor, plus two classroom sessions.